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by / Friday, 24 February 2012 / Published in Facebook Commerce, Social Commerce

This was an eventful week for social commerce. An article in Bloomberg about the supposed failure of Facebook commerce (or f-commerce) sparked a wild outburst of posts from blogs across the web.

Here, Mashable provides a more neutral view on the large retailers’ f-commerce failures.

Other blogs delved deeper into the issue of Facebook commerce, taking an opposite stance from Bloomberg.

Social Commerce Today explains why the large stores aren’t working, and what companies can do to succeed in their Facebook stores.

Shopigniter brought up an important point: Facebook stores won’t work if it’s just a replica of an e-commerce store. Companies have to provide a special value for the customer.

Others debated whether Facebook stores work better for smaller businesses, while Mashable provided a list of 3 Things Retailers Can Learn From Mom & Pop Facebook Stores.

This all comes at the same time that Facebook starts testing discount deals again.


In other news, Moontoast has developed a great social commerce analytics tool, just another step in determining social media and social commerce’s ROI.

Neiman Marcus has found a great way to get people excited about social commerce by combining a Facebook game app with e-commerce.

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